Manipulate Rhino window style when starting rhino in another application

Hello friends,

Has anyone tried to start rhino from an external application? I am having trouble manipulating rhino interface window style at rhino start up. Here is the part of code that is supposed to do the job, i.e. minimizing rhino when starting up.

Process rhinoProcess = new Process();
rhinoProcess.StartInfo.FileName = GetRhinoInstallationPath();
rhinoProcess.StartInfo.WindowStyle = ProcessWindowStyle.Minimized;

However it does not work. Anyone has any insight on this issue?

Thanks a lot!

It seems that Rhino tries very hard to get out in front of other applications. This may interfere with you trying to start in minimised mode.

Yes, that is my guess. Rhino might be checking its window status when it starts and force its window to show up.

Thanks menno!