Managing blocks

Will grasshopper 2.0 manage the rhino blocks?


Hi @lopez can you elaborate more on what you mean by manage blocks?

Create, insert and manage. I’m using Heteroptera and work very good but I can’t understand why grasshopper can’t do this by itself

HI @lopez while I can’t speak for McNeel, I think he use of blocks is very different for many industries and may not be used in many that Rhino/GH is used in and this may influence their decisions on how to manage or not manage the interaction of blocks in GH. For example, in Architecture blocks are used quite frequently while in jewelry design they may not be a commonly used feature. Perhaps if you were to articulate how you would like to see blocks managed and operate between Rhino and GH that would help McNeel understand use cases and plan their development accordingly.

We use blocks all the time as a fundamental part of our workflow and how we use them has evolved over the years. We have developed tools to augment and extend the capabilities to suit our needs. In the latest version of eleFront, for example, we have actively sought to separate functions of the block workflow to bring clarity to the process and interaction between GH and Rhino as it currently stands. We have tried to separate the process of creating the block definition from when you are creating instances. Check out the link below for some of the features that may help you in managing blocks or help you articulate your needs for McNeel.