Managing 05 Gb files

Trying to improve the work on big files I moved from this PC:

CPU: Intel core I7 2600
Memory: DDR3 16 Gb @ 665 MHz
Graphic: AMD Radeon HD6700 Series 16Gb
Disc: SSD Samsung 500 Gb
OS: W7

to this:
CPU: Intel core I7 5820
Memory: DDR4 64 Gb
Disc: SSD M2 Samsung 500 Gb
OS: W10

I expected a big change but…not so big…even not appreciable in rotating complex files…

I know that the Graphic card in Rhino is not so important…but increasing the the RAM to 64!!!

Any one can tell me why and if I can improve something by modify some settings.


Using gaming cards as opposed to industry cards used to be a big issue but not so much with the newer GTX cards. I have same card as you, 32GB and an 8core i7 but still struggle sometimes - you have to develop your modelling skills in accordance with what’s possible, brute force isn’t always the way forward.

Rhino 5 doesn’t [always] use multithreading either, look at John’s first and second responses: Does Rhino 5 use all 6 cores on 6 core processors?

[This may help somewhat - Does Rhino 5 use all 6 cores on 6 core processors?]


Viewport rotation speed is pretty much dependent on CPU speed and graphics card. If the Rhino process fits in your available memory, increasing memory should have no effect.

I spent a couple of months some time ago picking these guys brains at mcneel, trying figure out the software hardware relationship. Very difficult to do. Software developers really need to develop some kind of benchmarking system to evaluate software efficiency on various systems.

If all you plan to use is Rhino 5 then I would say your system is way overkill, rhino really can’t use most of that hardware due the science of NURBS. However Rhino is really only a component in a chain of software that you might use on that system. So that is very nice system, and should keep you happy for awhile.

The way to use that system you have would be to use Rhino to build chunks of your 3d models, and then convert those models in Rhino to polygons, then save your work in an .FBX format and move that model into a powerful engine like Unreal Engine 4, that is specially designed to take advantage of hardware like you have to the fullest. Then you would definitely get the most you can out of that hardware.

In Unreal you could put the chunks of the models you made together, animate them, apply physics etc…

Of course Unreal Engine, for example, is a complicated engine to use and takes a lot of ‘know how’ to use effectively. There are other engines as well. Unreal is free to use, they use a ‘pay from profit’ business, so their is no cost to use the engine until I think you make your first 10,000 or something, you would have to check that out.

In any case that is how you would use rhino, in combination with a powerful poly-engine of some sort like Unreal or Crytek or Unity I think is getting better. Maya is really powerful, and can be used for free also, until you plan to make a profit from what your doing, then is cost something like $3,500.00 every couple of years, assuming you just choose to skip a year of their yearly upgrade cycle.

probably I can’t do any better with my new PC as is now…I guess I reached a good level…
The CPU I7 5820 is one of the best available without drastically change the price level.
The GTX 970 is a good GPU…same consideration.

Should I consider to move to upper level CPU and GPU?
All suggestions are accepted…somebody experienced different and more powerful CPU and GPU?