Management of levels in history

A question regarding the management of levels in command history.
Specifically, is there a way to NOT repeat or cancel the level on/off display?
I would like to prevent the program from repeating/undoing the switching on/off of the levels within the command (“Undo/Redo”). I tried various ways but failed.
I have seen that in some programs that are based on Rhinoceros (e.g. Matrix), when I click on the button (light bulb) to turn the respective level on/off, the command is not put in the history and consequently is neither canceled nor repeated. I’d like to find a way to achieve the same effect in the Rhinoceros environment alone.
Can you help me?
Thank you so much for those who reply

Hi Matteo, welcome :slight_smile:

Looking at your topic, I think what you mean by levels is layers, am I right?

And the problem you’re seeing is that when you use a command, and while the command is running you turn on a layer by clicking its lightbulb icon, that when you undo the command, the layer state is also returned to what it was before the command, correct?

The obvious answer is that you can change the layer state before starting the command. Then undo/redo the command will only affect the result of the command, not the layer state.

Now, the question is: why do you want to prevent undo/redo for the layer state? Can you say more?

Hi Menno,

I confirm that by levels I mean layers. Unfortunately my English is terrible and for some sentences I use the automatic translator!?! I’m Sorry!

No, the problem I would like to solve is not what you said.

When I click the “Undo/Redo” command, I would like to prevent Rhinocesos from turning on/off the layers whose state I previously changed.

For example: I have a “parent curve” on layer 1 and a “child Nurbs” on layer 2. To change the shape of the “child Nurbs” I have to work on the “parent curve”. Consequently I turn off layer 2 (by clicking on the light bulb icon) so that it is possible to select and modify the points of the “parent curve”. Then to see how the “child Nurbs” has changed, I turn layer 2 back on. To understand if the change I made is well done, I undo and repeat with the “Undo/Redo” command. So I see how the “Child Nurbs” moves in the work area. But unfortunately Rhinoceros among the commands it repeats also includes turning the layer on/off. This makes it difficult to understand if I have edited the “Child Nurbs” well.

I have seen that the “Matrixgold” program, when I click on the “Undo/Redo” command, does not change the state of the previously modified Layers. This makes the modeling environment very smooth and intuitive.

Do you think it is possible to find a way to resolve my request?

I think it unlikely… Layer operations in Rhino have been part of the Undo stack for as long as I can remember and a lot of people are used to having it this way.

I’m not privy to what MatrixGold is doing to make its behavior different. All I know is what @Helvetosaur wrote above; the current behavior is unlikely to change I’m afraid.