Manage the thickness of a complex shape

I have a model created that is a hollowed out torso intended to be used as a skin layer. My issue is that I need to get the wall thickness to a consistent 1/8 of an inch throughout the model but I’m having trouble finding an efficient way to do it. I was thinking maybe extracting the surface off of the model and somehow extruding it to an 1/8 of and inch, I was wondering if that was possible or if there was another way to achieve what I am looking to do.

Hello - if that is a polysurface, then OffsetSrf is where I’d start - you may have some cleanup to do if that is a very complex polysurface. If it is a mesh, OffsetMesh.


Yes! the only other issue I’m having is extracting the outer face of the mesh. It wont let me explode the edges because the mesh is too complex. Is there a way to remove the outer face or should I rework the mesh in another program?

Hello - try ExtractMeshPart


Great thank you!