Making surface/mesh Transparent possible?


I was wondering if it is possible to make a surface/mesh transparent?
So I can see what’s behind…


thank you in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

surface can be seen transparent by change grasshopper view setting. But I don’t know how to make mesh transparent. grasshopper view setting doesn’t work for mesh.

Custom Preview ?

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what if mesh has coloured vertices?

As of now, (current Rhino 6 and WIP), mesh vertices do not support transparency. Some discussion here. It is on McNeel’s radar.

Thanks Joseph!
exactly what I needed! :+1:

One more question if you don’t mind :).
I would like to be able to toggle/switch between 2 (or more) colour settings by one click. What would you recommend/ how would you do it?

thanks again!

Stream Filter (Filter) and Value List (right-click to choose “Value Cycle”)


Ahh thanks again!
Almost there, one more thing.
I would like to make settings for multiple types of elements.
So for instance;

Type A = all mesh surfaces red
Type B= mesh types, a specific/different colour.

thank again!

One Value List/Cycle component can be connected to multiple Stream Filer components.

You can do it!

Ahh hahaha ofcourse!
thx, it works :slight_smile: