Making surface from flatten list of points

Hello I have a Sub D surface and I referenced it to the grasshopper. Now I want to make a surface out of this geometry. I got it components from deconstructing brep, but I am unable to create a surface from those points. Can anyone help me on how to do it? I think I am confused on how the component surface from point works.

shape surface from (12.7 KB)

I won’t say it’s impossible but I gave up on points and settled for Loft using SubDEdges: (20.2 KB)

Come to think of it, SubDEdges isn’t necessary as DeBrep ‘E’ works fine: (19.6 KB)

In both cases, however, the volume of the capped surface (12856) isn’t precisely the same as the capped SubD (12820). 100.28%.

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i think if we can put the points tree in a fashion as followed by divide surface, then we can achieve surface from points too.

Prove it! :sunglasses:

No takers yet? What I found is that the SrfGrid (Surface From Points) has two problems:

  1. It’s smaller than the original ‘SubD’ surface.
  2. It’s not closed. This can be fixed in the cyan group by duplicating the first point of each cross-section and then Shift List. (23.8 KB)


That is amazing !!

am getting and error some thing like this !
sub d error

You need to work on Rhino WIP 7 for SubD surfaces. It is the feature only provided for Work in progress versions.

thanks am using 6!

Do you mind explaining how you created this SubD surface? Did you use Grasshopper or create it manually in Rhino?

Here is a variation on lofting, using the points to create curves in the other direction. The volume of the capped surface (12969) is even larger than before, compared the capped SubD (12820). 101.17% (19.3 KB)

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Hello thank you for your reply. Yes I used the sub D tools of wip version of rhino. Then I referenced that surface to GH later on