Making surface details to a piece of jewelry

Hi, I’m trying to take a silhouette I designed in adobe illustrator and make a 3 dimensional piece of jewelry. WHen I import the silhouette into rhino, it says it’s a valid closed polycurve. But what do i do after that? I’m a newbie and I’m a little lost…:slight_smile:

Hi Susan - - you can ExtrudeCrv >Solid=Yes, but that is unlikely to be what you are after - I suggest looking at the material here: - there is stuff for Windows and Mac Rhino - both will be useful even if the Windows UI is not the same.


HI Pascal–I figured out the the extrude curve and the flow along curve command, but now boolean difference won’t work. Any ideas?berries ring.3dm (6.5 MB)

it looks like the banding detail you have ‘flowed along curve’ isn’t touching your surface, you may want to try the ‘flow along surface’ command

How can you see that? It looks connected to me? Thanks for responding,

Explode the geometry so the ring is separate from the details. Join the details if desired. Then Intersect or IntersectTwoSets (if the details have not been joined) to create curves where the surfaces intersect. You will find only one small intersect.

Finding the intersections is a primary diagnostic method to use when Trim, Split, Join, Booleans, etc don’t work.

I made a cutting plane through your polysurface and Intersected it with your model.
The gaps are clearly shown in this screenshot:

The gap looks like about 0.263mm