Making Solids issue

I will come to the end of a task creating complex surfaces that must be finally attached to simpler and flat surfaces. I’m constantly stopped by a failure to complete using the planar surface tool with the error message “No faces were made. Curves must form closed planar loops.”

The lines seem to be sound, and have been there since the beginning of the construction. Is there some error in my method that can be determeined? I sure can’t seem to find it on my own.

ArgoFlex7.3dm (308.9 KB)

Hi James - not quite closed…


After lofting a couple curves I used the flatten surface tool to make certain the surface was vertically aligned. It seems to have moved and created another edge.

But after that. Cleaning up and creating a new line, I still get the problem

James if you are accidentally moving stuff when selecting, you can set, in Preferences > Mouse page, “Drag selected objects only”. One click-and-drag-a-little will not both select and move an object.


It would be a very productive macro that would automatically true up the elements of a item like that shown here and simply cap it off.

That is not a simple macro and I think it would actually not be productive at all. Truing up elements automatically take the control away from the operator and could very easily ruin dimensional accuracy of the part being produced (which from your posts seems to be high up on your importance list).

The better approach is to focus on modeling accuracy and your modeling steps to ensure you are creating a proper part that the commands you wish to use work properly for you