Making solid from .obj file


I have a car model with holes for windows and other stuff. Its .obj file. How can I make a solid without any holes? I need it to make a cast form for candles.

I hope you understand what I need :slight_smile:


Do you have the windows too?

No…only holes

more or less the steps are:
-> use _boundingbox and move the model, so the symmetrie is at x or y axis.
-> use _clippingplane to hide half of the model.
-> in front and or Right View draw and project some Lines / curves on the mesh to “frame” the windows.
-> spilt the projected Curves, so get a “4-corner-frame arround the windows”
-> rebuild the crvs with for something like degree 3 or 5, 6 to 10 Points. (use same settings for all curves)
-> edgesrf, sweep2 or networksrf to generate the surface
-> move or offsetSrf to make the glas a bit behind the surrounding surfaces
-> generate _mesh from the surfaces, delete clipping-plane, mirrow

export all meshes to your slicer / 3d-printer - most slicers accept unjoined meshes – otherwise you have more work on this.

check meshSplit meshBoolean, … and the Mesh-Repair section of the Menu if you have to do something with the meshes.

good luck - best -Tom


thank you :slight_smile: will try :slight_smile:

Ok…We didnt understand :slight_smile: I close the car but now I want to make cast form. So…i need to make ‘solid/diffrence’ with this model and simple box I made. I cant do it becouse I still have mesh.

Create a Mesh box for half of the vehicle, then subtract.

Im taking meas/boolean/diffrence and car deasapears and box is still same :frowning:

post your file please

vwbulli.3dm (16.6 MB)

is rhino 6 file

Thanks :slight_smile:

Your mesh is actually 70 disjoint meshes. Lot’s of gaps and faces that intersect each other. The axles for example are not attached to the car and the rims have no wall thickness.

In order to print a mold, you would have to create one watertight model. You might get away with watertight parts depending on how you print it.


Netfabb Online Service

The result is a closed mesh with no naked edges. However, you might want to look at the underside of the model since it has some weird stuff going on. I would also rebuidl the wheels.

wow :wink:

can I download it somehow? :slight_smile:

You can create an Autodesk account if you don’t already have one.
As mentioned, you should clean up your mesh at the underside of the bus and the wheels, then export an STL and upload it to Netfabb to fix problems.


But can you send mi fixed model, please? :slight_smile: (11.0 MB)

Again, you will have to fix your model first.

The model I fixed with Netfabb is closed but still has some massive problems which are really not ideal for 3D printing.

ok, but its easier :slight_smile: Thank you a lot :wink: