Making MergeAllFaces even better

I love this command, and I would love it even more if it would also merge adjacent brepfaces that are part of the same cylinder or cone. Is it possible to extend the functionality in such a way?


Yeah, definitely - I think this has been asked for a number of times… --Mitch

Yes, definitely, I have asked for this as well. Would make this command even more useful.

Yes, please!


YES!!! +1, I was hoping the same wish!
Importing file from parametric always gives thousand of useless cylindrical srfs.

This should be possible to extend towards any surface, that has coincident vertices and sufficient continuity at the matching edges.

[quote=“DavidRutten, post:1, topic:12649”]
Is it possible to extend the functionality in such a way?

This request goes back years… it’s currently on @rajaa 's list as but maybe you can help her with some ideas.

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Isn’t this request more suited in the context of MergeSrf command?

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Hi Rajaa - Not really, to my eye, anyway - MergeAllFaces is much more general and automatic polysurface ‘simplification’ tool than MergeSrf, it seems like the right place for this request.



Personally, I don’t mind what command it falls under… or if it got a new command name for that matter. I guess the use of ‘faces’ is the debatable part but a quick search shows this term is pretty common when talking about cylinders in CAD already.

Hi Rajaa,

I think it should be incorporated in MergeFace / MergeAllFaces

MergeSrf IMO is more a tool for surface modeling while MergeFace is a means to simplify and purge a polysurface.
MergeSrf operates on untrimmed edges only, where MergeFace is operating in any planar surface.
I think extending the face merging to all identifiable-similar sub surfaces,
( Cylinders, Cones, Tori, Spheres …) it would be a great tool to clean imported models as well as clean Rhino build geometry that had become segmented.
To me as a user merging planar faces is not different from merging geometrically equal faces, and as such should best be added to the MergeFaces command.
I think a set of toggles to incorporate specified geometries would be best.

Face Geometries to merge (Planes=Yes Cylinders=Yes Spheres=Yes Toruses=Yes Cones=Yes)



I think _MergeAllFaces is mostly used after booleans.

Then it would be handy to offer it as an option there, with default = yes.
Same logic as with _Fillet, where trim is on by default.

And of course it should handle other geometry and not only planar srf as well, but this is wished often enough now…


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@Charles I use it a lot after Join (ctrl + j). But it would make sense to have it as an option within some commands.