Making loop and using our own code

Dear all.
I am looking to find out how can I connect my Phyton code with my model. To explain more, I wanna use my code to learn from simulation and send data to my model.
could you please let me know how can I make a loop and connect my Phyton code with detail?

Thanks in advance

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Hey @ati.tms,

You have not provided enough information for us to be helpful. Are you using Grasshopper or just Rhino? Do you have sample code that you cannot make work? Any more details you can provide might be helpful.

– Dale

Dear Dale,
Hi, Thanks for your response. I have attached a picture that shows what i am looking for.
To summarize ,I am looking to do optimization with my code instead of using Galapagos. However I don’t know how can I make the below loop.

I would appreciate

if you could send me some tutorials or any information that can help me with that.


Hi @ati.tms - sorry, I don’t know where to begin to help.

I’ve moved your question to the Grasshopper category in hopes others will read your question.

– Dale


I don’t fully understand the diagram but hops can help you communicate between GrassHopper and your own CPython 3 code .