Making Individual Blocks out of Multiple Objects at Once

I was wondering if there is any way to create individual blocks for each object selected.

For example, I have 100 curves, each with points on it. How can I create 100 blocks containing the curve and its points at once instead of one by one?

Help much appreciated guys.

Thanks, Shynn

Ps: I dont care about the block base point.

This script should do the trick. It’s written in Python. Download it and run it with:

_RunPythonScript /path/to/

With the path being wherever you downloaded it.

Select the curves, then the points. The script will find out which points are on which curves and it will turn them into blocks (groups may be better, but I don’t necessarily know what you’re doing with the curves and points). Hopefully this works. (2.1 KB)

Thank for taking the time to make the script.

I am afraid I summered up what I wanted to do too much.

This is an example file:Layers y Tabla Ejemplo.3dm (526.7 KB)

I want to rotate all this objects at once from their center. I found a script that allowed me to do this, but the objects would only rotate as one if they were converted to a block. So I now need to convert all those to individual blocks.

I believe there could be two solutions: Tweak the existing script you so kindly provided me with, or make a new one that simple rotates each “component” and its sub components as one and form the center.

Im sorry for not being this clear in my previous post.
Thanks to anyone that can help me in advance.


Are all the objects in the real file separated and placed in rectangles like the example file?

Yes they are

Alright, here is a script that should get the job done. The script will rotate any objects that are in closed curves. Since the only reason to make blocks is for another script entirely, I just included the rotation operation into one script. To start, make sure to select only the rectangles containing the curves and points (if the boundaries aren’t closed the script won’t work). Then the script will ask if you want the objects grouped. Grouping is not necessary for the rotation operation, but I give the option if you want. Finally input the desired angle of rotation (from -180 to 180) and the script will do its job. Hopefully this is what you are looking for. (1.6 KB)

You are a genius! Thank you so much!

I gotta learn to script so bad…

Thanks again man, really.

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