Making historical timeline from xls/csv

Hi guys,

I need to work with an “advanced” historical timeline in my thesis and as architect I was used to work in Rhino. I´m curious if there´s any relatively easy way how to visualize needed which is the xls datasheet where I will have (on a row): year, class (3), sub-class (3 in each category), short text.

My idea is to draw 9 sub-timelines (lines) and attach the xls rows somehow to them. I can imagine each row as a “text” where the reference point is (x: year and y: sub-class timeline) so it should at the exact position show the year and short description. I´m thinking also about using the z for adding some values but it´s optional. I guess the text should be rotated and I would like to control also the font.

The aim is to have overall graphic perception of some processes in traced periods and that is something what I can handle but I´m not able to do the first “data” step. Do I guess correctly it´s about scripting? Could you please recommend a tutorial or anything what could help me? I programmed something in basic in 90´s as a child so I hope I can get into it while this shoudn´t be a big deal :slight_smile: