Making Flowalongcurve Better for Sheetmetal

I use _Flow for bending objects that are already profiled from the other direction, as in the left object.

In this example:

When I have a profiled part I want to bend. I select the source and target curve, and flow along curve seems to interpolate intermediate points along the length of the curve, and then it does its deformations. The problem is: most of that is waste that may even lower the flatness and accuracy of the result.

So, the purple spline curve I started with was:
1 Degree curve
2 Degree curve for the radius
1 Degree curve.

Looking at the result, I thought, I could do better.

I copied and exploded the curve, measured the length of the segments, wirecut my source object at the lengths of the three segments…

And I flow along curved only the radius section, and then rotated the rest. The result is much simpler, has less nodes, and is easier to look at. The result is on the right.

So, what I wish we had was and option to obey destination curve degrees for segmented curves, which would do localized bending only where it need be. This will be invaluable for sheetmetal work.

Thank you,

Flow.3dm (175.1 KB)