Making contours to each blocks of divided surfaces

I have a polysurface. I should divide it to ‘blocks’(just my definition in this work) and get contours of each blocks, by the direction of each block’s top surface nomal vector. If it’s done well they will not have contour lines on their top surfaces. (cause it’s parerell to the contour direction)

I have the dividing lines of blocks and can trim the polysurfaces with these so the polysrf being divided to blocks. Cause the original surface is polysurfaces, I have to explode it to trim.
I can make contours on the polysurfaces by the normal vector of the original top surfaces, but can’t do the same works with the blocks. The blocks are composed of surfaces, and they are not joined, so how can I join or merge the surfaces to the blocks and repeat the works of ‘finding nomal vectes of top surfaces’ - ‘making contours’ by each blocks?

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Have you tried to find the intersections between the Brep and the Planes from Perp Planes. Then you will get a set of Polylines which will be used to split the Brep with Split Brep Multiples ( keep in mind that you might have to flat the entry of the Cutters)

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