Making Bongo file ready for a render farm


Hello, I have a large file that I am hoping to use a render farm to create a turntable animation from. I have prepared the file and materials using Rhino and the Brazil renderer and I have created a simple 240 frame animation of the object spinning using Bongo.

When I upload the file to the farm they say that the file only has 100 frames and that they are all the same. We have checked our versions of Rhino/Brazil/Bongo are the same.

Does anyone have experience with this or could recommend a suitable render farm?

Portion of the large file is attached.Straw Test2.3dm (8.2 MB)

(Marika Almgren) #2

What render farm are you using?
It sounds like the problem is at their end. The file shows 239 frames here.


Thanks for confirming Marika. I am using Garage Farm but happy to take your advice if you know of any others that could handle the workflow?

(Marika Almgren) #4

Unfortunately I can’t give you any advice in that direction. McNeel don’t endorse specific companies.

Perhaps some other users have experience and give some advice.


I have been dealing with Garage Farm again this today and they have done the job perfectly.

I can recommend them as a Rhino render farm.