Making a solid out of pipes

Nope. You still have hidden geometry.

You should do Mesh Union rather than Join Mesh

union always faild and it make rhino very slow
join mesh do the job and doesn’t matter if there is hidden geometry ; the most important is the full shape
unless he want calculation that another job and need other plugins

In this case it does matter. He needs the surface area. Probably for steel treatment and paint.

And yeah, union is tricky as fuck…

Also some of his initial geometry doesn’t fit very well. So a lot of manual work is needed.

in reality those trusses are separated and yes the definition need improvement and i there are many tutorials about creating structure like that

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If a proper data organization, good geometry generation is kept, then the union can be done in steps and it will work. Otherwise it is a hard world out there :smiley:

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It’s nearly impossible in rhino, would do it a mesh and than into ZBrush or something like that.

try with this definition (11.0 KB)

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test with your file; white curves to trusses

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This is sweet :slight_smile: Good job brother. Hope it helps our friend here.

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thanks; i think about other solution using flow along curve
sadly this is not available in grasshopper

for straight lines boolean work fine but for curved lines don’t work in grasshopper and rhino ; i don’t know why.
the idea is to create straight lines and use them to create the trusses than bake and use flow along curve one by one; it take some time but better than waiting or get wrong result

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Hi ! thank you for the time,
for some reason when i try it on my cpu rhino crush.
i used my curves and it seems like its too heavy.

than when i try with less curves i get this-
am i missing something again?

st (3).3dm (1.1 MB) (17.6 KB)

I guess you want to have it solid for printing?

area calculations

Couldn’t you in this case just split the curves of the sub elements with the 3 pipes with the major radius and calculate with the curve lengths? Or about which area are you talking? :smile:

the definition you must develop it for your need
in your case you need use two different lines ; create twin between them and move it to z direction than try to create the truss
and for your problem you must craft the first curves components and try first with one line don’t use all your web lines
and why you calculate areas ? first what you did is wrong and it’s not clear what you want exactly (19.4 KB)