Making a smoot surface

i am making some retro bread cases but there is 1 i have to make and this wan give me trouble
i look at some referns pictures like here

i have to make the top (cover0 google translate but i cannot find a way itry evrithing sweep loft well your name it and i did it
but at the end i alway having this stupid edges like this

and the file
breadcase.3dm (68.0 KB)
i hope somweone can help me out of this
many greetings Peter
by the way the file i sent to you is a little differnt because i made de radius of the corner bigger but also no succes

when i was writhing this there is 1 solution i did n use and that’s blend surface simply the fact i am a little afraid off that tool or confusing

if there is a better solution please let me know
greetings Peter
hm still not good

Hi, Peter,

Since you have reached the fourth image, the last step will be closing the hole in the middle.
You can try splitting the edge of the hole in halves and loft them.

If you want a really smooth solution. You can try polygon modeling.


Thanks Peng but if we can make cars whit this program then there must be a simple way to make this
but i keep yours in mind-:slight_smile:
greetings Peter

I would make it like this:

cover.3dm (91.5 KB)

Hi Jim thanks for your reply its late now i have to go in bed but… i really like to know how you did it -:slight_smile:
it cost me around 3 to 4 hours and nothing works-:frowning: so i hope you can ex plane some things
greetings Peter

File: breadcase.3dm (1.4 MB)

You will need to redraw the base, simply extrude edge from the surface I created…

Approach 2:

To create what you had you don’t need all those curves…

A simply command railrevolve can do that one step.

You only need 3 curves to get this kind of result.

Hi @peter1, See if this is what you’re after. Guide curves are on the red layer so you can adjust them and re-loft the surface to adjust it. Michael VS
breadcase 2.0.3dm (111.1 KB)

I’m amazed that no one has recommended the fastest easiest and simplest solution. Solid boolean 2 objects and fillet the edge.

thanks guys for all your help i learn a lot from your solutions however there is only Jim who made it correct
because the top cover of the bread case is round everywhere there are no straight linen in it i think the made it
in the early day in a pressing machine first the make a mold etc…as a say jim did the job well i really like to know how he did it i made an example from jim and mine curves they are overdone but at the moment it is only practice to find out how it works

greetings Peter

i will give this a try soon
thanks Peter

this wan i did before but no good results
greetings Peter

I didn’t use your curves . I was trying to match the shapee that I saw in your photo which looked a lot different than your curves,

The enclosed file shows the basic steps.
cover2.3dm (218.3 KB)

many thanks i wil study yours and you are right about shape they where verry different but from the moment i was trying
to make that surface i was totaly forgat the picture and i am still not understan why i could make it but firts i will do your study tommorow many thanks for it !!!
greetings Peter