Making a grid with an offset - Pavers


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I’m new to grasshopper and trying to make a grid and want to include an offset to show the fill between the stones. Like in the image shown. Right now it is just made up of a grid of touching squares.

I would like the pavers to be 10m with a 1m gap in between.

The script is almost working perfectly except this small detail. Does anyone know how to add this?


180228 Paving offset of (23.1 KB)


WARNING!!! Opening this file is SLOW!


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1 min 27 secs on my machine. I couldn’t optimize it better for him… Sorry.

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You shouldn’t start a new topic on the same thing. Just continue with the same one next time.

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Yes, you are right… it’s unnecessarily slow for this question. I will edit it.

Thank you!

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If you can, reduce your initial geometry. I think you had too much of the rectangles outside of the desired area.

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This is a reduced file, it is enough to solve the task.

I would like the pavers to be 10m with a 1m gap in between.

180228 Paving offset of (23.1 KB)


10 X 12 is enough to work on the problem!

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Thank you!


This could be another solution for you…
Lunchbox is required. I used mesh approach at the end for speed things up…
Try to use the sliders in the red group.

Grid spacing within defined area (21.9 KB)

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Thank you. I will take a look at it!

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Epic as always! :slight_smile:

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Given your original script and few very clever ideas from Joseph and Kim, here is a faster version of your script.

Grid spacing within defined area (29.0 KB)

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Fantastic! Thanks!


First make the “pavers” 11m. Then just offset them .5.
Real bricks would be 7-5/8" x 2-3/8" to lay up at 8" x 3" with 3/8" joint.
Pavers are a little different. Maybe only 1/8" joint for sand. Real World stuff.