Making a Diagrid Structure Symmetrical

I’m trying to make a symmetrical grid on a surface by dividing the U and V coordinates by 4.25, but the grid is skewed. To be honest, I don’t understand where the U and V coordinates come from since they don’t appear to follow the surface at all.

GNU (Grid Nut Utility).gh (6.9 KB)

Could you please share the Rhino and Grasshopper files?

The GH file was posted but the surface is not internalized.


@Reed, you don’t need two copies of the Num param as they both have the same value: 4.25

So where does the idea to divide the UV coordinates by 4.25 come from? What are you trying to achieve here? Could you be more precise.

U and V denote the “axes” or directions of the surface, mostly because x, y, and z already describe other parts (i.e. control points).

Much like curves, the UV directions of a surface can be normalised/reparameterised (“remapped” from 0 to 1).