Making a curve whose end blends with another

when you want to create a curve that ‘branches’ out of another curve, you click on the first curve for the first point, you then hover over this first point until you see ‘tan’ and you press tab. This way your second point is locked in this tangent.

Does anybody know if there is a way to make a curve that ‘blends in’ with another curve?
(making the penultimate control point of the curve you are constructing ‘lock’ on the tangent which is defined by a point on another curve and the last one on said point)

*essentially I want to do the same as arc blend / curve blend, but faster and without dialogues.

Hello - the ‘TanFrom’ Onsap may be of some help to place the second to last point, but I see that it does not pick up smart points, so you’ll need to mark the target location firs. (If I understand the question)


hi pascal, (that was fast!)
Yes, you understand perfectly!
I was hoping there was some trick or smart inferencing method. (like ‘soft selecting’ a point on the fly so as to inference its tangent.)

stupid question:
what is a smart point?

Hello - a ‘smart point’ is a point that is set by ‘SmartTrack’ You can add these anyplace if SmartTrack is active by holding down Ctrl for a moment. I set one on a curve at the desired location of the curve end but in TanFrom it did not recognize the point to snap to it - my guess is this can be tuned up but at the moment it does not work.
(Actually SmartTrack draws a tangent guide from the smart point on the curve so you do not need TanFrom.)

@anikolo - Like so- :


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Ok, now with the video I get it!
no, in me it works perfectly, it catches the tangent with a little bit of hovering!
Thanks a lot!!!