Making a castellated ring (or crown without points?)

I have been trying to split a circle into arcs at the same points and with the arcs the same width as a set of radial rectangles. Then raise up alternate arcs, and join the top and bottom arcs to make a castellated ring, or ring with tangental slots coming down from the top.
The tangental slots in the ring need to be the same width as the radial rectangles.
I have tried several approaches, both my own and from earlier posts on splitting circles, but so far nothing seems to work for me.
Not sure if I’ve explained very well but still hoping someone can help please!Waffle elipse vertical ring (27.2 KB)

A picture (or sketch) is worth a thousand words? Looking at the code doesn’t help in knowing what you want.

Thanks for the reply, and sorry for the lack of a picture Joseph.
I just fixed it!
The ‘closest points’ component is my new best friend!
That together with a bit of ‘flattening’.