Making a box

Hi, this is a really dumb question. I want to make a box with the front of the box at a lower height than the back. I have created a box from primitives and thought I could select control points to lower the height but it hasnt got control points on the front edge. Then I tried making a rectangle and extruding it with the plan to lower the front edge control points but there are none. Do I need to do a cage edit?

A number of possibilities, here are a couple of easy ones:

  1. You can turn on control points for solid objects with the command SolidPtOn, then move the points.
  2. With sub-object selection (ctrl+shift+left click) you can select the upper front edge and move it

The Gumball manipulator is handy here for both operations…

HTH, --Mitch

An extrusion can be converted to a regular object with control points in either of two ways:

  • ConvertExtrusion will convert the extrusion to a polysurface. If the extrusion was closed the polysurface will be a solid and can be edited using SolidPtOn

  • Explode the extrusion and the result will be a set of surfaces. These surfaces can be edited individually or Joined into a polysurface and edited using SolidPtOn

CageEdit is also a very useful tool.

Another approach would be to create the box directly with a sloping top. One approach would be to extrude a closed curve of the desired cross-section. Another would be to create a set of surfaces of the desired shape.