Making 90 elbow

I need to draw a 90 degree elbow with 7 gores (segments). I figured i would just make a 90 degree arc, then divide it into 7 points and go from there. Only problem is i don’t know how to divide the arc into 7 points. I also used the shift key to get my 90 degree arc but how can i make a 60 or 45?

Draw the Arc.
Use the Divide command to place 8 points dividing the Arc into 7 equal length segments.
Split the Arc at those points or do what ever you need from there.

Thanks. I drew a pretty 90 degree elbow. I need to unroll it to use as a flat pattern for steel, but when i unroll each gore, the ends that will eventually loop around and touch each other aren’t square. Is there a way i can decide where it makes the cut to unroll

I used the loft command to connect vertical circles along my 90 degree arc. Looking at it now, the 4 lines that run through my circles to make gores are twisted slightly. I bet this is why the ends of my flat pattern isn’t square. I figured you’d need more details to answer

Hi Fabrisol - see if the attached file helps. Loft between two circles that are 1/7 of 90 degrees apart, rotated on the center of the arc. Then UnrollSrf. All segments should be the same, if I understand what you are doing.

ArcSegment.3dm (43.9 KB)

Oops, sorry, it looks like I used 8 segments and not seven, but you’ll get the idea.


unrolled gore.3dm (37.2 KB)
This is what i keep getting. The one you have looks great but i’m not sure what you did different or how you did it.

Hi Fabrisol - when you create the loft, align the seam points to the quads of the circles, either the inner or outer quads (Quad osnap). Then the surface will unroll symmetrically.


That was it. Awesome. Thanks