Making 5 curves Dim Annotation with Grasshopper

Hi Everyone! I am new to GH.

I want to display these 7 curves’ length with Grasshopper on XZ plane on themselves.


I am trying to do this action with line dimension or aligned dimension (because it has plane feature).

I tried with line dimension but it pre-displayed on xy plane.

Then i tried to make a list with these curves and iterate them separately with aligned dimension to use its plane feature but ı couldn’t. :smiley: .

Can anyone Help Me, please?

You are not far, probably missing Align Plane. (11.6 KB)

Next time, upload your file, this will increase the chance of getting a good answer.

Thank you for your solution.

Next time i will be prepared more.

thx :smiley:

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This is all very well but how to bake it?