MakeHole Command depth point?

Hi, is there a way to define the depth size on a MakeHole command? It seems weird that I can’t seem to be able to manually input the cut size of the hole.

RoundHole command has DrillPointAngle. Boss command can make tapered holes having any shape. Another option is using ExtrudeSrfTapered command followed by BooleanDifference command.

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Thanks Andrew! It seems Boss is a good alternative for this kind of work.

you can just type the depth of the hole, or usually ‘enter’ to cut all the way through

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That’s the thing, I can’t type the depth point. If I type any number it keeps asking for the depth point:


Maybe I’m missing something?

Sorry, I figured it out. I have to type the depth point and then click on the viewport for the command to run. A bit unintuitive, but I understand now.

Thanks everyone!

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Yeah, the depth point prompt stage is looking for a point and not a number - when you type in a number, that is a constraint as to how far you can drag the depth point from the starting point - the click is to tell Rhino which direction to set the depth point.


That makes sense, thanks Pascal!

This info is not mentioned in Rhino documentation. I keep saying that documentation is the worst part of Rhino.

Well, it is actually. Distance constraint by typing a number when picking a point is a standard procedure in Rhino that spans many, many operations. So no need to repeat it in each individual Help item.

Distance constraint

Locks the next point will be placed at a specified distance from the last point.

To constrain to a distance

  • Type a number at the command prompt and press Enter.
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