Make2D with meshes and welding - missing edges

In the attached, which is just a sample out of a much larger scene, I am trying to do a Make2D with a series of mesh buildings. The file as-is has the meshes unwelded completely (0°), the Make2D gets all the edges but also all of the internal triangles of what should be planar faces, which I would like to eliminate.

If I weld the meshes - even just at 1° - the internal triangles go away as desired, but then I get a whole bunch of edges sharper than the weld angle - that should be included in the Make2D - that disappear… Try selecting the meshes in the file, Weld with some angle and run Make2D with just vue 4, no tangent edges, no hidden lines.

True, the meshes are not the greatest and the bottoms are open, but that shouldn’t really matter - should it?

I’m not sure if similar things have been reported or if there is a workaround currently…

In any case, the speed is fantastic !

Make2DMesh-Weld.3dm (837.2 KB)

Hi Mitch - I see this, thanks.

@Helvetosaur - UnifyMeshNormals sorts it out.


Aha! I don’t know why I didn’t try that, I guess I thought that the unwelding/welding would automagically take care of it… Thanks!


But… the question arises - shouldn’t Rhino be doing more of this on its own? Even if not to the originals, inside Make2d for example…