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Is there any chans to add object properties to the comandline when using “-_Make2d”?


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(Pascal Golay) #2

Hello - here’s how it looks in the latest V6:

Is your image from the V7 WIP?



Hi Pascal,

I thought I just updated some days ago, didn’t know there already was an update.
Thanks for the info!



Hi Pascal,

I have tried both version 6.4.18124.12321, and 6.5.18128.14431.

In neither of them your option is found.
Is there a nother version that I should try?



FWIW, here on (6.6.18132.1341, 2018-05-12) this is what I get:


What is the newest release and where do I find it?
Until now I have only used update inside Rhino and there I 6.5 as the newest one.



The latest stable release is 6.4. From within Rhino, you can opt to install release candidates (RC) for the next SR - which is why you are now running a 6.5 RC. I am running in-house daily versions of 6.6.

The point I was trying to make is that, just like you, I don’t have the options that Pascal showed from his system. So there must be something, somewhere that exposes the options on Pascal’s installation.

Also, since this is a RH6 question, I’m changing the category from Serengeti to Windows.


Alright, then I’ll step aside and let you two handle this issue =)
Thanks in advance!




Just for notice.
I installed RC 6,5 and the properties are still missing.