Make2d Update

I was wondering if anyone has figured out yet why in the attached Make2D produces total caca for the closed polysrf “Bad” where the hidden curves bleed through while it does not do so for the polysrf “Good”.
Problem (1.6 MB)

Yet another variation on the same theme.
Problem Make2d (220.5 KB)

Works flawlessly on Rhino 5

Not on Rhino 7 for Mac.

Hello - try setting file tolerance to .001, then Make2D. The object is built to a very large tolerance, btw, considering how tiny some of the surfaces are. Fillets are .005 radius, for example far too small for a .01 file.


The tolerance in the file where I created the object is 0.001.

The 0.01 is just what was there from the Large Objects Inches template that I copied the file two.

I get the same problem even if I set the tolerance to 1/1024. With smaller tolerances they appear differently but they are still there.

Yes, I see some of the fillet edges go missing - for now, to get the drawing done, it seems to pick up the edges if the object is exploded - I’ll see if we can get this fixed.


I confirm I have not found a solution to this problem with Rhino 7 for Mac ( tolerance adjustments did not help ).

Rodolfo Santos