Make2D - some lines not visible

When the Make2D component, there are always some lines that are not recognized as visible lines even though they are in front.
I can join breps, move objects a few millimeters or deconstruct the Brep and use a list of the individual faces but there are always some lines that are not displayed. which lines are visible changes depending on the details of the previous steps but I cant find any regularity or logic behind why some are visible and some only partially.

What are my options on fixing this? Changing the document tolerances in Rhino does not seem to have any effect on the Grasshopper component.
It seems that there have been many improvements to the Make2D function in Rhino but I dont know if they translate to the Grasshopper component.

Are there any other tools or processes that I can use to help Grasshopper to recognise the edges more precisely? If not, is there Software that can do it more reliably than rhino?


Hi @rodwyll,

Do you have this same issue if you bake your geometry to Rhino and then run the Make2D command?

– Dale