Make2D Scene Silhouette bug

Hi @GregArden
I have a problem with Make2D scene silhouette, it has lots of holes and isn’t joined. This seems like a bug:

The model is pure mesh, and I can’t post it here due to NDA.
(I can probably PM you a simplified part though)

More things to fix:

  • Curves shorter than the file tolerance should IMO be deleted. This file has 210 curves shorter than file tolerance.
  • Curves related to an object should be joined

Hei Jørgen -

Typically, the algorithm gets improved when failure cases are provided and the model can be checked on a developer’s machine. Please send the file.

Added a comment to the non-public RH-3578 (not public probably because it includes your eMail address that was pulled from your post on the NTTP forum in 2008 : )
You’ll want to send a file that shows the issue, though. The one that is attached to the YT item only has 1 curve that is shorter than the document tolerances.

I’ve now read through several 100s of posts in threads where this comes up and finally found RH-43678.

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