Make2D results display thin line despite 3mm weight applied


had circles for rivets made from blockinstance , made them line weight 3mm . PrintPreview on displays thicker black circles.

make2D the rivets, then move grouped result of that command to layer and make that layer 3mm weight, but their appearance remains thin.

see attached.

I need to get them thicker before taking into photoshop. I am unable to affect line weight of Make2D rivets so unable to progress.

why ?
Make2D rivets and originals both 3mm weight display different.3dm (192.2 KB)


  • Your thick objects are block instances and they are taking their definition from the layer they are on, defined at 0.60.
  • Your make 2D objects are curves and their layer is defined with a print thickness of only 0.30. Hence the difference.


Cheers Mitch, pesky Block instances, I didnt realise I had them at 0.6 hence the post.