Make2D - preventing lines from breaking up/ keeping overlapped lines

I have an object I need to create drawings of for CNCing. This means all the paths need to be closed curves. Is there a way that make2D will make the curves from closed curves rather than open curves that are split at every intersection? I am currently having to go through and join all the open curves which will take me ages as there are hundreds of parts which are all splitting into hundreds of curves.

The model has different depth grooves on, which have some edges that overlap when looked at from a top view. I need to use the overlapped line twice as each groove has to be a whole shape put on a separate layer to the other grooves.

I have pictures of what It is I am doing and what I need.


Shapes when made 2D and joined:

Here I have seperated them to show you what I need the shapes to be:

As you can see there are overlapping lines which are not created when using make2D.Is there a way of making2D using closed curves?

Many thanks.

I wouldn’t use Make2D for this, I would use DupFaceBorder on the surfaces, then SimplifyCrv on the results. The results will always be closed loops.

One other advantage is that in doing so, the extracted curves remain in 3D at the height of the top/bottom of the profiles to be cut, which can be an advantage for CNC toolpath programming. If you want them flat on the 0 plane you can always use ProjectToCPlane after.


Thanks! Thats exactly what I needed. Works perfectly.

And thanks for the fast response too :slight_smile: