Make2D ... point cloud to illustrator

hey … this a newbie q…

is there anyway to export a point cloud to illustrator ie the Make2D command but just for points rather than curves and surfaces?

Thanks in advance…

So you want to save the points into what?
Neither Illustrator nor make2D supports points as far as I know.

What can be done is to write a script that projects all the point data to the top view and ten replaces all these new points with circles or triangles.

What do you need the points for in illustrator?

Is it an option to set the background to white, hide the grid and use -viewcapturetofile at a high resolution and import the image in Illustrator?

Awesome thanks ! Yeah … screencapturetofile is a perfect workaround :smiley:

Good, notice that i wrote -ViewCaptureToFile with a “-” in front, that let’s you set a higher resolution than the current view.
(Like 3000x2000 px)

Good luck

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The “-ViewCaptureToFile” has made my day. Thanks a lot, Holo! Now I do not longer need to switch my VGA to 2560 x 2048 every time I heed a fast raster logo picture or smth like that.