Make2d overhaul please

As a designer, the most important tool is communication and a failure to communicate correctly results in many awkward conversations and experiences that we would all like to avoid.

I’m trying to bump the article that @serengeti made on March of 2015 about overhauling Make2D. It’s now November 2017 and the Make2D command and it’s close family visarq, etc. are still slim in their functionality.

I understand all of you guys at @rhino @mcneel have a lot to do/fix/mod, but this is one of those commands that would easily make people abandon autocad on a designer level.

The problem that I’ve run into was trying to get this operate like the VIEWBASE command in AutoCAD, which automatically generates TOP VIEW / SIDE VIEW / SECTION VIEW / ELEVATION / ISONOMETRIC / AXONOMETRIC views at the click-and-drag of a mouse button. This would make Rhino extremely robust for all kinds of designers trying to communicate to somebody on HOW to manufacture their designs.

I strongly believe it will be a game changer and I imagine putting your resources to help create a more robust version of MAKE2D or VIEWBASE for RHINO would be everything designers / architects / makers would enjoy.