Make2D of some blocks with mesh trees makes a million small curves

Hi guys I needed to make a quick 2D of the landscape project I work on and it resulted in over 1.3 million short curves…


I work in meters with 0.001 units tolerance and see the amount of noice around the trees “leaves”:

I’ll see if I can make a sample file for you, but I don’t have time right now.
(Generating the file took 1200 seconds and the file upon save jumped to 1.4 GB…)

Please send a sample. It looks like a good way to generate a hard make2d problem.
I could see a tree model have a huge number of local silhouettes. The occlusion testing has to be accurate to remove most of these. If you really don’t want to see any detail smaller than .01 you could set the tolerance there before you run make 2d. Although I guess this kind of a problem would still swamp Make2d. But in the future I’d like to enhance make2d so it can handle harder cases. A model would be helpfull toward that.