Make2D of Material ID?

Is it possible to get a make2d output of a scenes material outlines in separate layers? The same as a rendering element would show material ID as colors.

If not I could see this being a very useful aspect. It would allow a vector selection to be possible in post processing rather than a rasterized one.

Hi Chris -
If you chose the Object properties > From input objects option, the display color of the objects will be used as display color of the resulting curves.

Thank Wim,
So while this method is extremely useful, usually in the MatID output you don’t have the interior curves. It should just be the silhouette of the material. Ive attached an image of a render and a matID for quick reference. Dont mind the odd colors of the top render.

I think of it as if the silhoutte command had an option to turn 2d and output object properties like the layer color.