Make2D of layout or detail?

How do I script Make2D of an entire layout, or - if that’s not possible - of one detail in the layout?

The result should be available outside of the layout in Top view.

HI feklee
You can rotate make2d generated curve

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

import Rhino.Geometry as rg

def make2d():
obj = rs.GetObject(“Choose to do make2d operation objects”,rs.filter.polysurface,True,True)
rs.Command("-_Make2D " + " ")
curves = rs.GetObjects(“Select objects to project”,rs.filter.curve,True,True)
XPlane = rg.Plane.WorldXY
origin = XPlane.Origin
xaxis = XPlane.XAxis
if not curves:return
return rs.RotateObjects(curves,origin ,90,xaxis)

if name == “main”: