Make2D of Large Scene

I would like to get the Make2D of this scene so I can take into post-production (illustrator) and color it easily. The scene I believe is just simply too large and it crashes Rhino. I was wondering if there is something I could do?I cant upload the file because its too large so I took a screen shot. They are all mesh buildings, and most of them are blocks. Capture|690x361

Hi Chris -

Are you running out of memory? Is there a crash reporter and are you sending in your report?

Have you tried creating the output for a few of those objects at a time? If you create the scene silhouette, the result from the different groups will fit together.

I haven’t sent it in due to frustration, I will next time if it happens again. It seemed that there were 2 problem elements that I hid. It still takes over an hour to run although no crash. I got around this by just rendering those as toon materials instead.

As to your second point, Your saying, save the view, turn off lets say half of the objects then run make2d. then do the same for the other half? If I understand correctly the issue with that is if an object is in front of another object when I overlay them in post processing it would seem as though the front objects are transparent which would then take hours of editing. I could see that creating a silhouette of the front objects and then using that line to trim the background objects could work although I haven’t tried that.