Make2D of a grouped object still adds the 2D lines to the group

Hi, can you please fix this.

I thought it is a new (annoying) feature. I’m glad it is a bug only.

Slightly off topic (?):
The fact that Make2D objects take the color of the layer of the 3D objects and override the ‘By layer’ setting for color, is that a feature or a bug? I’m always resetting this to ‘By layer’.

LineType should always be set ByLayer (this part is a bug and I am fixing it right now).
Otherwise, color and line-width is set to input (if you choose to set it this way). Basically what you see is what you get. This allowed us to drop the old length arrangement of duplicating layers and place Make2D output under those.
That is said, there is the object properties option that you can set ‘By layer’ if you wish.

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