Make2D not working properly - Rhino 6 Windows

Nope. Garbage in, garbage out…

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Yeah, except that passing it off as not “cleanly modeled” is a clear attempt to pass and move on, making the point absolutely meaningless, hence- non sequitur. When all in-process modeling is appropriate, and results returned are not usable, passing it off as not “cleanly modeled” because results come back as we’ve reported, is well … , I’ll just leave it there.

Consider: Micro-loops (for example) is STILL an ACTUAL THING this far along. No ? then why all the patch-programming to deal with a continuing rounding-to-divide-by-zero problem in special “Commands” we are provided to deal with these kinds of things ? No, This one is real, and pretending otherwise doesn’t advance the cause. We are DEDICATED to our favorite tool in the box, and so this is something we are clearly aware of .

I have 2 clients going to patent THIS WEEK, one from there to Manufacturing and one to Medical Research. I have 2 more clients approaching this - in the next 3-6mo’s. I can ASSURE you this is actually a thing.

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Yes, that’s a good idea, as without concrete examples of what you feel is “cleanly modeled” and Make2D doesn’t work, nothing will ever get done, as there’s nothing to look at and (perhaps) fix. That’s not to say it can’t be improved - I’m certain it can! Simply that without an actual file that fails somehow - where the programmer can actually stop the Rhino in the process and see why the geometry being created (or not) is incorrect - nobody will ever know what software process to modify or what lines of code to fix.

Why is that different from everyone else in here using Rhino to make things ? There are people actually manufacturing automotive production tools, ship hulls and structures, yachts, buildings, building interiors, shoes, watches, etc. etc. - the list is too long to continue - and we all have to work with the same set of strengths and weaknesses that we all know Rhino has…

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I’ll try to get the file from my students again. I thought it was just helpful to say that it seems to be a common problem. Totally forgot to provide the file for you.

Seems like the last updated provided a bug fix. the students said, everything works fine since than.

I have the same problem, “make2D” results are missing many lines randomly in an architectural model, where clear edges are visible, no intersections of objects. Even the most basic “Box” geometry misses lines, variably when positioned in different distances from the world origin. The same model works smoothly in Rhino 5 make 2D. I hope this can be fixed

Hello - does this work better if the same object is moved close to the world origin?



Hello! If I move the object close to the world origin, it just misses (randomly) different lines than it missed when its positioned elsewhere. In this first screenshot, I positioned the object right next to the world origin. The architectural model in the second screenshot shows how many lines are missing. The corner of the model is at 0,0,0 - exactly the same model gets perfect results of “make2D” if executed in a Rhino 5, i.e. every visible edge is generated as it should be in Rhino 5.

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Uuhhhmmmm… I TOLD you so ? No, that would be rude ;=) !

All the BEST from Texas - Chuck

I’ve noticed this happening a lot too. Nothing I build is far from the origin yet I have a lot of lines that I have to add in later, especially in the isometric view when using the Third angle projection setting. Highly annoying. This was a problem in V5 as well.


As always, please post specific models that exhibit repeatable problems so that the Make2D command can be improved.

That would be all of models which seems to indicate a systemic problem on your end. I’ll post a couple of the more egregious examples on Monday.

RH-46133 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate

is this a new update in which if fixed the Make2D issues?

The issue that was filed as RH-46133 was fixed in SR 11 RC 1, yes.

That doesn’t mean, however, that all “Make2D issues” are fixed now. This list shows that there are 97 issues with Make2D that haven’t been resolved.

If you have an example that is not working for you, please post a model.

I will notice if i found more issues on Make2D command. I have to inform that we still working under Rhino 5 SR14. Our office wont move to next versions because our plugins and all our library materials and server projects as block links and so on…
I remember a recent make2d made and i noticed that it wont give accuracy results when make2d from blocks. We need to explode all parts.

Hi, I have the version of Rhino 6_6.10.18311.20531, 11/07/2018 and triying to do “Make 2D” doesnt work properly…all the projected lines are not shown properly

This is the view that i am triying to make 2D

and this is what i get

any ideas?

In a perspective view i dont get any lines in the make 2D…


Please post the 3dm file.

@wim sorry, i cant post the file. I have ask the client and he doesn´t allow me, sorry…i have reinstall rhino to the version 6.1 and now it works, i think that the version 6.10 has a bug to draw projected lines.

I hope you meant to write 6.11 and not 6.1!