Make2D line sphere hide bug


when I use _Make2D with a iso/perspective view in Rhino 7 SR4 with a sphere, and a line, the line is cut off wrongly.

make2D_missing_line.3dm (73.4 KB)

Any ideas?



Hi Michael -

The Make2D command doesn’t calculate the intersection curves between intersecting objects. Those curves would be needed to be able to trim the line in the correct location. The only curve that is available to trim that line is the silhouette curve.

The request (from 2000-04-13) is on the list as RH-742: Curves of intersection determined automatically

For the time being, you’ll have to trim the curve before running Make2D.

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Hi Wim,

thank you for your nice explanation, about this quite old wish. :wink:

OK, and thank you for the tip.