Make2d layers interface (Rh7)

Compared to Rhino 5 the Rh7 make2d interface has been simplified (which I get), but also creates restrictions.

It seems to me the following two options are needed to bring back some flexibility on layers:
a) Offer an option for make2d to generate it’s layers within a layer of the user’s choice.
b) Offer the ability to centrally change the make2d layer defaults (linetypes, names, etc) so that it generates those new defaults every time.

Here is a scenario:
This example has three objects. Each object generates its own engineering drawing. With Rhino5 it was trivial to direct make2d to the appropriate “outlines” and “hidden lines” layer for each object.

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On top of that, it generates the output at some random offset.

PS. I understand that the Rh5 interface was confusing to some, but the expectation is to tidy up without taking away functionality.

Hello, I have raised that question in 2017, no answer from the developers, so I still use RHINO 5. I need to choose the layers for further autocad use.