Make2D layer request

I feel like the Make2d option using the Layer Name input is misleading. I don’t get output on the named layer, I get sub-layers under the named layer that then need to be managed. Is there a way to include a check box for ‘group output on sublayers’ or something?


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Hi Eric - is the goal to automatically get all of the output on the one layer that you name in the dialog?

@rajaa - see Eric’s comments below as well - what do you think?


Hi Pascal, unless specified otherwise, yes. Especially in the case where I don’t need hidden or tangent lines.

Also I’d like an option to group all the output on 1 layer but with different linetypes.

It would be a helpful when drafting with 2D objects on layers defined by intent rather than by print output.



Hi Eric - for now, it looks like you can manually move everything to the top level layer and grouping stays intact - I realize it is not the whole job but you can, perhaps relatively painlessly, get it done

_Make2d Pause Pause Pause -ChangeLayer "LayerName"

There is still some management dealing with the emptied layers - you can include a Purge in the macro but that might be too heavy handed:

_Make2d Pause Pause Pause -ChangeLayer "LayerName" Purge BlockDefinitions=No AnnotationStyles=No Groups=No HatchPatterns=No Layers=Yes Linetypes=No Materials=No Enter


How do you suggest the flow works? A new option to not use sub-layers?

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I know how these suggestions tend to bloom into big bouquets of unintended consequences, but at a glance I would say: An option to use sublayers or not, plus an option to do linetype either by object or by layer.


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We do have “Object properties” by layer or from input. That should cover it?

It’s a little strange in that selecting ‘From input objects’ or ‘Maintain source layers’ doesn’t get you any linetypes in the 2D tangent or hidden output, but naming a layer does produce linetypes by layer.

Yes, the linetype is only specified by later (the hidden one)

It would be great to be able to customize many aspects of the Make2D command!!!

Could you please be more specific, and list the aspects you’d like to customize. Some customization is very easy and possible with macros (as in @pascal example above). Thank you for your feedback.

something like this:

and, set up layer color, linetype.

if you want me to do it by script, please, don’t change how Make2D works, so, i don’t need to update my script every time.

@rajaa is my “custom” idea easy to implement in Make2D?

Thank you.


Thank you for the feedback, and you came up with a nice flow.
You can have any custom arrangement you need though running Male2D multiple times. This has some inconvenience, but the desired arrangement vary from one user to the next. Only standard layouts are baked into Make2D. In the interest of not complicating the command flow and interface, it might be best to opt for simplicity. Of course, if a certain arrangement is very widely used, then we can consider adding it, or put together a macro to help.

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@rajaa, I feel that RH-41245 was hijacked to become something the OP didn’t request. I think it has been demonstrated (enough at least) that the current arrangement for the First Angle Projection should be changed. Allowing custom changes to the layout is something that can be considered in a next stage.

Also see this thread (in which I also reference other threads):

Ok. I made a new YT for it. Thank you.

I just posted about this in another thread, but just want to say that I miss the control that Rhino5 had over make2D layering. It was relatively easy to do away with the default sublayering scheme and put outputs onto custom layers.


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