Make2d is not working

Hello everybody,
I have trouble to make 2d for this file:

and i dont understand why,
any help would be deeply appriciated


Could you please add the files to your post (just drag and drop).

I am not going to 3rd party websites (that I do not know) to download files.

Safety first :wink:

sorry, you are right. but the file is too large.

7z? How large? 100mb I think is possible to upload here. 3dm files have very good compression with 7zip.

my file is 65mb.

this is the message i get:

Sorry, that file is too big (maximum size is 20480kb). Why not upload your large file to a cloud sharing service, then paste the link?

You can do that. It’s my own issue, unless it’s DropBox, OneDrive, Mega or GoogleDrive I will not go there.

As I said, try compressing the 3dm file with 7-zip. If it is 65 mb you may end up with about 2-5 mb 7z file.

i will try that,

use these settings inside 7-zip.


Hi - there are 2 files in that zipped upload and I only looked at the “19-85…” model.
When you have geometry that just passes through each other like that, you will find that Make2D is (equally) sloppy:

You have to model with care to have the output that you expect. As a short-cut, you can make intersection curves (in blue in the following image) and include these in the Make2D calculations:

yes, you are right
Thank you