Make2d in v6 beta ultra slow?

I can’t remember seeing this in earlier WIP versions, but currently even a single cube takes 6.83 seconds to make into a 4-view 2d drawing

Tried in Grasshopper, same slow behavior. Strange thing is that 50% of my dual xeon 18-core machine is busy during the make 2d process…

Hi Gijs - here, it is not that slow but there does seem to be some ‘set up’ overhead time none the less - if I Make2d a single box it takes roughly 5 seconds from the time I hit OK, but 20 boxes takes just about the same amount of time - does that correspond with what you’re seeing?


yes more or less the same, just slightly longer but not so with spheres:

other attempt, time in seconds

1 : 6.68
5 : 7.28
25: 7:32
125: 7:64

and spheres:
1 : 8.48 s
5 : 10.00 s
25: 14.22 s
125: 31.19 s

document tolerance 0.001

@rajaa , @GregArden - is this expected, do you know?