Make2D in R6 is more sensitive to 'bad' objects


As the title states, a colleague of mine is trying to do some 2d drawings a boat project and whilst in Rhino 5 it would take an hour to produce a view, in Rhino 6 it is about 5 mins… she is really happy about his fact… However producing the drawing seems to fail in R6 if there are bad objects within the model.

I have run a test in R5 and R6 and the bad objects have no effect on producing the 2d lines in R5, in R6 it fails to produce any lines from the surfaces/polysurfaces (not just the bad objects).

I exploded everything to pull out just the bad objects and in R5 it produced a drawing of them, but in R6 it didn’t.

In R6 it made the drawing of everything else apart from the bad objects.

Is R6 set to be more sensitive to bad objects and can this be tweaked at our end at all?