Make2D Grasshopper not calculating all lines


I am trying to use the Make2D component in Grasshopper. Unfortunately the output of that component doesn’t have all the lines it should have.

Here is a screenshot and a Grasshopper file for reference:

Make2D (130.3 KB)

Thanks in advance for any help!


you have to increas the z value of your point :slight_smile: because its is lower then the highest point of your geometry

or the exact same high but it works better when its above the geometry

Hi @PeterKrattenmacher

Totally agree with @johannespetersen7 . He anticipated me in the solution!. Anyway here you have:

Make2D (133.5 KB)


Make2D Problem bounding (16.3 KB)

this could be a more generell solution but you have to be carefull that your input geometry is one object - i created a bound box, extracted the highest surface, scaled it, move it up and used it for projection so it will allways be bigger then your input geometry

Thank you guys for your advice but that didn’t actually improve the result of make2D.

I have now figured out what helps to get a good make2D result! That is scaling the geometry up by a lot.

It might be interesting to look into double precision to get an optimal scale factor. But wierdly, changing the absolute model tolerance doesn’t improve the result, only changing scale does, which makes me wonder if that is actually relevant.

The results of my investigation also show, that make2D in rhino also works better with scaled up models. Thats quite the extra step when generating drawings. Fortunately it can be automated using Grasshopper.

Anyway, here is a screenshot of the final, actually desired and expected result: