Make2D does not show objects ON the clippingplane

Make2D does not show objects ON the clippingplane, could this be updated please?

I hope it is only a matter of choosing “yes” instead of “no” in the code :wink:

It would be great so we can snap the clippingplane to a surface and still see the surface on the 2D drawing. I have a script that sets the view and a clippingplane to the Cplane and use it for annotation etc.


Hi Jorgen-

MPlane works for this as well, in case that helps - set the MPlane to the clipping plane and it will follow the clipping plane.


Thanks, I’ll look into it. Does Make2D show the stuff on the MPlane?

Hi Jorgen - it (MPlane) is just a CPlane so whatever happens with those, is what I’d expect.